So. The first blog entry on this new blog - a fresh start (I hope).

I must say I'm almost excited about this! Have been having a bunch of different blogs over the years but they've always gone stale after a while. But this time I feel that I have some focus at least - app reviews and tips ‘n tricks concerning iOS and macOS apps!

I realised when speaking to a colleague that I spent way to much time on setting up my home screen on my phone and should write something about that - so here we are.

On this website you also find my different collections, I just have to fix a few layout issues with them (I've migrated them from another website).

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It's me!
Joline is a musician, songwriter, scientist (in biochemistry and biophysics), computer geek, social media manager, bowler, Transformers collector, wannabe prepper, and nerd. Also always honest and humble. Right.